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Jamie Kindleyside's newest release, kind-le-sid, is an exceptional collection of lived-in songs. The recording features Grammy-nominated keyboardist Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers) and one-of-a-kind harmonica player Jelly Roll Johnson. Selections vary from the rhythmic buoyancy of "Manhattan" to the heart-wrenching loss of "Cinnamon and Sage."  Kind-le-sid is a sound representation of Jamie's songwriting prowess and a testament to his capability as an artist in general.

Raised in New England, based in Nashville, Jamie Kindleyside has toured the United States, mostly east of the Mississippi. In 1997 Jamie released his first CD, Jamie Kindleyside, while living in Madison, Wisconsin. The album includes a stand-out version of Prince's "Little Red Corvette." Jamie's second release, Live on Studio One with Dave Carter (2001), is a live recording from WETS in Johnson City, TN, while on Carter's radio show.  Kindleyside performs eight songs with voice and guitar, plus conversation with Carter. The first song, "Drifter," won an honorable mention for songwriting at the Sierra Songwriter Competition.

Jamie has opened for Malcolm Holcombe, David Olney, Darrell Scott, Nickel Creek, and many others. Venues he has performed at include The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC, and The Living Room in New York City.



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