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   americana blue  (2009).

americana blue

Produced by Jared Tyler for Blue Alleluia Records.


  1.  Walk With Me  (Jamie Kindleyside)
  2.  Out To Dry  (Jamie Kindleyside/Shawn Byrne)
  3.  Happy Now  (Jamie Kindleyside)
  4.  The House by the Side of the Road  (Jamie Kindleyside/Jared Tyler/Sam Walter Foss)
  5.  Americana Blue  (Jamie Kindleyside/Jared Tyler)
  6.  As Seen On TV  (Jamie Kindleyside/Jared Tyler)
  7.  Farmer's Market  (Jamie Kindleyside)
  8.  Hope  (Jamie Kindleyside/Michael Garrett)
  9.  Crazy Maze  (Jamie Kindleyside)
10.  Heaven Called  (Jamie Kindleyside)
11.  Lil & Nels  (Jamie Kindleyside)


   certified organic  (2006).

certified organic

Featuring a collection of songs recorded live June 18, 2005, at Edgehill Studio in Nashville, TN.

Includes live versions of Jamie's songs and a few covers, as well as a previously-unreleased track, "Lay You Down", featuring Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers) on Wurlitzer.

Produced by Mark Ermlich with Jamie Kindleyside.


  1.  Little Red Corvette  (Prince Nelson)
  2.  Lay You Down
  3.  Child's Song  (Murray McLaughlin)
  4.  Drifter
  5.  Just A Closer Walk With Thee  (Unknown Writer)
  6.  Cinnamon and Sage
  7.  Sally  (Chuck McCarthy)
  8.  Jesus In My Heart
  9.  Britches  (Malcolm Holcombe)
10.  Lay You Down

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   kind-le-sid  (2005).


"Although I've known Jamie Kindleyside for several years, it is only after listening to this collection of songs that I feel I've really begun to know him. The writing here is sharp, spare and honest, and it includes one of my favorites, the powerful 'Cinnamon and Sage', which paints an incredibly clear portrait of big corporate sins against the earth and her people. You have to hear this and pass it on, along with all the others in this fine collection of work."

- Kevin Welch   


  1.  I Ain't Had Nothing  (lyrics)  (chords)
  2.  Manhattan  (lyrics)  (chords)
  3.  Look Over Your Shoulder  (lyrics)  (chords)
  4.  Bobby Orr  (lyrics)  (chords)
  5.  Rather Have You  (lyrics)  (chords)
  6.  Cinnamon and Sage  (lyrics)  (chords)
  7.  A Prayer From Montana  (lyrics)  (chords)
  8.  Sally
  9.  Jesus In My Heart
10.  I Wish I Could Be With You  (lyrics)  (chords)

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   live on studio one with dave carter  (2001).

Live on Studio One

"Kindleyside's songs stand up to the best in folk and Americana right now . . ."

- Jeff Eason,
Watauga Mountain Times

". . . [a] smoky voice and lean, well-crafted songs."

- Sing Out!


  1.  Introduction
  2.  Drifter  (lyrics)  (chords)
  3.  Talking 1
  4.  Nobody's Business
  5.  Talking 2
  6.  The King  (lyrics)  (chords)
  7.  Talking 3
  8.  I Still Love You  (lyrics)  (chords)
  9.  Talking 4
10.  Talking 5
11.  Blackjack Blues  (lyrics)  (chords)
12.  Talking 6
13.  Yard Sale Ahead  (lyrics)  (chords)
14.  Talking 7
15.  Amy  (lyrics)  (chords)
16.  Talking 8
17.  Why Don't You Get On?  (lyrics)  (chords)

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